ENGL 698 materials: Grad Thesis
new media installations and grants
Note to Self


For access to the syllabus to this course, https://sites.google.com/site/perfmediamfa/

Contact me (jboyle@coastal.edu)


Syllabus, (graduate)




Asst. Prof. Jen Boyle, English and New Media



http://members.cox.net/jenboyle/  (you can view here some of my research/writing, installations, and artworks)

Course Objectives:

In this course, we will survey the histories, ideologies, and aesthetics of mixed media performance and art.  We will look at written texts, online works, and local exhibitions and installations.  We will also sample some films and experimental videos.  This is a practice/theory course; thus, the reading and writing for this course will be balanced with a small media project related to your interests.


Discussion participation and generation

paper reflecting on a course theme or work

Small (not nec. digital!) media project  (can be in progress…more to come)