ENGL 698 materials: Grad Thesis
new media installations and grants
Note to Self

" [BABEL = broken.archival.bildungs.excavated_from_the.long-ago]*

*you don't really believe that's our acronym, do you? we don't believe in acronyms  "


"The BABEL Working Group is a non-hierarchical scholarly collective and post-institutional assemblage with no leaders or followers, no top and no bottom, and only a middle. Membership in the BWG carries with it no fees, no obligations, and no hassles, and accrues to its members all the symbolic capital they need for whatever meanings they require. BABEL's chief commitment is the cultivation of a more mindful “being-together” with others who work alongside us in the ruined towers of the post-historical university. BABEL roams and stalks these ruins as a multiplicity, a pack, not of subjects but of singularities without identity or unity, looking for other roaming packs and multiplicities with which to cohabit and build glittering misfit heterotopias. We seek to build desiring-machines for which no “join” that can be thought is overlooked, and in which “joins” a more capacious and generous humanism might arrive, and if only briefly, come to dwell in the queer space that is among us." (BABEL website; see above)