ENGL 698 materials: Grad Thesis
new media installations and grants
Note to Self

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Link to publication (Published, 2010)


Introduction:  The Anamorphic Image

Chapter one: Early Modern Anamorphosis:  “Practical Perspective,” Lucy Hutchinson’s Epicurean Bodies, and Thomas Hobbes’ “Vanishing Point”

Chapter two: John Milton and the (New) Media Image: Affect and the Anamorphic Imaginary

Chapter three: Margaret Cavendish’s Double Perception: Affective Technics and Biopolitical Fictions

Chapter four: The Observer in Milton’s Garden and the Body of Anamorphosis

Chapter five: Projecting the Modern: New Perspective, the Spaces of Nationalism, and Anamorphic Territory

Chapter six: Affect and Perceptual Technics in Daniel Defoe’s A Journal of the Plague Year

Reviews: '…a masterful study of political, philosophical, and epistemological spaces in English literature from Eikonoclastes and Leviathan to Defoe's Journal of the Plague Year. Ranging from 17th century Epicureanism to the invention of calculus, from early modern political theory and epistemology to baroque allegory, Boyle's monograph is intellectually adventurous.' 
Graham Hammill, SUNY at Buffalo, USA


'Boyle's rigorously intellectual and well-researched work will appeal to readers interested in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century literature and techno-science. It is also a perfect example of a monograph that every humanities PhD student should study.' Parergon: journal of the Australian & New Zealand Association for Medieval and Early Modern Studies

 Introduction available here at Ashgate site