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Note to Self

Press release for Becoming Media's crowd review....

The following link will take you directly to Palgrave’s announcement, or directly to the site for crowd review for postmedieval, "Becoming-Media."   You can also take a look at our vision statement for the experiment in crowd review.    Papers available for review:

In summary,

The crowd review for our issue, "Becoming-Media," will be taking place over July-early September (you can peruse the links to the crowd review site and editor’s statement provided in the announcement above);

And then in January, just before the launch of our issue, Palgrave will be hosting a special Forum connected with our issue on the state of peer review and scholarly publishing.

We are still working on the finalized list of scholars to be involved in this Forum, but the contributors now confirmed include: Jen Boyle, Martin Foys, and Eileen Joy, as well as: Katherine Rowe [who edited Shakespeare Quarterly's special, open peer-reviewed issue on "Shakespeare and New Media": 61.3 ;  Sarah Werner [currently editing a special, open peer-reviewed issue of SQ on "Shakespeare and Performance"; and Sharon O'Dair, Director of the Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies at University of Alabama, who has an article on the internet and peer review forthcoming in Shakespeare Survey [64: Dec. 2011].