ENGL 698 materials: Grad Thesis
new media installations and grants
Note to Self

Engl 101: Gaming: Writing, Technology, Art

The google site for this course is now available. Click here or paste the

following link <https://sites.google.com/site/gaming101coastal/ >


Texts that need to be purchased for this course (there will be other materials required provided as online or in class texts!!!)


T3) Coastal Carolina University, First Year Writing Guide 

T1) The Little Penguin Handbook, Lester Faigley (Longman, 2008) 020564872X
T2) Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics: the Invisible Art (Harper, 1994) 006097625X 

Other materials that you will need to obtain on your own:

One video game (details provided on the first day of class)

A copy of Avatar (film)