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Recent publications/activites

Digital Medieval Literature and Culture: A Routledge Handbook (Co-editor Helen J.Burgess)  (London: Routledge Press) (paperback and hardback, 2018) --available now as an e-book!

The Retro-Futurism of Cuteness (Co-editor Wan-Chuan Kao) (New York: Punctum Books, 2017).

(article) “Mediating Sovereignty in Thomas Hobbes and Margaret Cavendish,” SEL: Studies in English Literature 1500-1900, special issue on “After Sovereignty” (58.1, 2018) (Houston: Rice University).

Award, HTC Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Lecturer, 2018, Coastal Carolina University.

Conference, SAA (Shakespeare Association of America), seminar respondent, "Minor Feelings and Affect in Early Modern Environs," Washington DC, 2019.

Conference (upcoming June, 2019), “Design’d Business”: Tracing Mediation as Sovereign Form in Margaret Cavendish," International Cavendish Society Conference, Trondheim, Norway, 2019. 

Award, Professor of the Year, Sigma Tau Delta, English Honor Society, Coastal Carolina University,


Digital Global Symposium (with Tripthi Pillai), QEP Digital Commmons for the Humanities and Arts, 2018 





CFP: Routledge Handbook of Digital Medieval Literature: “Current Conversations in the Field”

The Routledge Handbook of Digital Medieval Literature and Culture (eds. Jen Boyle and Helen Burgess, May 2017) is including a component to the volume that features shorter to medium length pieces that describe current projects, perspectives/manifestos or planned or in-progress work. This addendum to the edited volume will be comprised of recent blog posts; already existing papers (delivered recently); or shorter form precis-analyses of existing online projects.The focus will be on capturing current conversations in the field of digital studies/humanities and the pre-modern period.

All inquiries should be made by March 30, 2017 (final works due by April 20,2017). Please submit inquiries to Jen Boyle, jboyle@coastal.edu.


Links to projects, Coastal Carolina University, Dr. Jen Boyle

 Jen Boyle,

Observations Upon a Blazing World: Margaret Cavendish and Mediated Form, digital edition and installation from The Virtual Sovereign 

The Atheneaum Press, Chasing the Paper Canoe Digital Compendium

Digital Commons Facebook page

Example of Graduate Student Online Thesis, Lauren Jackson

Undergraduate Online Honors Thesis, Jordan Lauver

Short Video on DCD Program



Digital Culture and Design and Edwards College 


Recent and Upcoming Presentations


Presenting: SAA (Shakespeare Association of America),March 23-27, New Orleans 2016, Digital Salon on multimodal chapter "Cavendish's Observations Upon a Blazing World" 

I will be participating in a roundtable at Geroge Washington University, GW Medieval and Early Modern Studies Institute (MEMSI), on "Crip Ecologies," "Biopolitics: Law, Life, Land, Love"


Jen Boyle, "Is There Love in The (Queer) Telematic Embrace?”

Other Participants:


Panel presentations, MLA 2017:

"Digital Critical Practice Beyond Quantification"  (Chair: Ellen MacKay,Director, IU Institute for the Digital Arts and Humanities, Associate Professor, English, Indiana University Department of English)

Jen Boyle

Telematic Traces (and Embraces): Moving Ontologies of Form across the Early Modern and the Digital

This presentation explores the potential in thinking across ontologies of scale and form as a model for re-casting critical questions related to both contemporary digital aesthetics and early modern mediation.   Earlier 20th-century interventions into digital aesthetics, like Roy Ascott’s “telematic embrace,” offer us alternative perspectives on form and mediation that challenge the positivism and quantification of later theories.  How do such framings re-tune our digital channels away from more ethereal imaginings and toward the scalar materialities and hybrid mediations of early modern polymaths (Bacon; M. Cavendish). 



239. Not by the Numbers: New Approaches to Early Modern Digital Scholarship, is scheduled to take place at 10:15+11:30 a.m. on 06-JAN-17 in 202B, Pennsylvania Convention Center. (Convention sessions will take place in the Pennsylvania Convention Center and the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. The Job Information Center will be located in the Pennsylvania Convention Center).

"Early Modern Digital Embodiment" (Chair: Gina Bloom,Associate Professor of English, Univ. of California, Davis [website]; Project Director, Play the Knave, a video game about Shakespeare performance)

Jen Boyle

Scalar Bodies:  the Early Modern Hybrid Text and the Digital “Stack"

This presentation explores scalar hybridities in texts like Francis Bacon’s exemplars in The Advancement in Learning and Margaret Cavendish’s The Description of the New World Called the Blazing-World… as experiments in re-scaling and re-materializing modes of embodiment — an alternative construct to what Hobbes and Shakespeare (differently) would come to identify as the “multitudes.”  Some transhistorical comparisons are made with modes of embodiment in the contemporary rendering of the digital “stack,” a fascinating recalibration of emerging vertical-horizontal scales of performed interfacing that reorders the body of the sovereign “user” (Bratton). The early modern context offers a creative imagining of mediated embodiment that cathects “cloud” and scaled terrain.

Sunday, 8 January

729. Digital Embodiment

10:15–11:30 a.m., 112B, Pennsylvania Convention Center

Program arranged by the forum LLC Shakespeare

Presiding: Gina Bloom, Univ. of California, Davis

1. "Scalar Bodies: The Early Modern Hybrid Text and the Digital 'Stack,'" Jen Boyle, Coastal Carolina Univ.

2. "Digital Labor in Renaissance Texts," Whitney Trettien, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

3. "(Dis)Embodied Activation: Theatrical Phenomenologies in Digital Shakespeares," Jennifer Roberts-Smith, Univ. of Waterloo

Respondent: Sarah Werner, independent scholar

We will accommodate the following audiovisual request(s) for your session: Projection equipment for a computer

keywords: digital humanities, theater, early modern, embodiment, labor


729. Digital Embodiment, is scheduled to take place at 10:15+11:30 a.m. on 08-JAN-17 in 112B, Pennsylvania Convention Center. (Convention sessions will take place in the Pennsylvania Convention Center and the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. The Job Information Center will be located in the Pennsylvania Convention Center).